Civil society organizations can play an important role in resolving the human rights situation as these organisations being closer to can identify human rights issues faced by the people understand the human rights situation of the communities. Internationally, it is important to have a strong civil society that works independently to protect human rights in a sustainable manner in all regions of the world. Empowering civil society is a strategic objective of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). In this regard, capacity-building for civil society organisations and the involvement of civil society in the United Nations decision-making process is a high priority of OHCHR. There are a number of ways in which civil society can participate in the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in its international human rights system. Civil society organizations could participate in the State's ongoing national consultations for the universal periodic review, transmit information on the human rights situation in the country, lobby members of the Working Group, participate in the UPR review session and monitor the implementation of UPR recommendations by the State. Supporting Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs) working for the promotion and protection of human rights is one of the functions of the Human rights commission of the Maldives mandated in the Human Rights Commission Act. Since 2009, the Commission has been working with NGOs through NGO network to support and encourage civil society organizations working for human rights throughout the country and for the commission's work. The expansion of the role of civil society will further expand the Commission's efforts to protect and promote human rights.
In 2009 the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) established an NGO Network to support and assist human rights NGOs and to secure the cooperation of NGOs.
  • To collaborate with these NGO in protection and promotion of human rights, since NGOs will be more aware of the troubles of the people and able to witness the human rights situation of the people from a close proximity.
  • To enlist the help of NGOs for HRCM’s works, while increasing the public sharing of human rights information, and working towards protecting and promoting human rights.
  • To work with the NGOs in protection, sustenance and promotion of human rights; since the NGO’s play an important role in holding the government accountable.
How to Join
Joining NGO Network is open to all NGOs. NGOs can submit the filled application form along with the required documents stated in the form to the HRCM office or email a scanned copy to [email protected]. NGOs can also apply online through the link below