HRCM conducted a panel discussion in collaboration with UN

14 December 2022


HRCM, with collaboration of UN in Maldives, conducted a panel discussion on 12th December 2022 to mark this year’s Human Rights Day, 10 December 2022. A total of more than 50 participants took part in this panel discussion, including High commissioners, UN agencies, Government institutions, Civil Societies etc.  
The objective of this panel discussion was to create awareness and sensitize on human rights issues in the Maldives focusing on gender discrimination at the workplace, rights of persons with disabilities, and of migrant workers, respectively.
Each panel discussion topic began with a short video clip that provided an overview of the issue and key findings from those areas. The speakers then delivered their presentations, which were followed by an interactive discussion with audience members. The panel discussion concluded with an emphasis on the importance of promoting this year's human rights day theme, "Dignity, Freedom, and Justice for All," in order to secure rights for everyone, including the most vulnerable, such as people with disabilities, women, and migrant workers.