Legal & Policy Department
Amongst the obligations specified under clause 20 (a) to (g) of Human Rights Commission Act (Act number 6/2006), Commission is tasked with ensuring that no human rights of Maldivian citizen are hindered due to any Act, Regulation or policies in force and recommending amendments if any such implications exists,  providing assistance and human-rights based recommendations to align the Acts, Regulations and Policies with international human rights standards, as obliged under 20 (f) of the Act, and providing recommendations in participating/ ratification of International Human Rights Conventions and Treaties as specified in 20 (h) of the Act.
 In Addition to this, litigating cases under clause 24 of the Act, legal representation of HRCM in court cases, providing legal assistance in cases lodged in HRCM, providing legal opinion and discussions to the commission members to uphold human rights standards and prevent acts against human rights, and providing any necessary legal assistance to the Commission, also falls under the responsibilities of the Commission.
 Furthermore, according to clause 23 (c) of Act number: 19/2020 (2nd Amendment to Act number 6/2006 (Human Rights Commission Act)), Commission is also tasked with monitoring judicial proceedings in a human rights perspective, to ensure that the rights of Victims, Claimants, Defendant Lawyers, Media personnel and citizens attending judicial proceedings, are upheld consistent with the Constitution of the Maldives, Acts and International Conventions, and consequently providing necessary recommendations to the Courts, Judicial Service Commission, Attorney General’s Office and Department of Judicial Administration.