Human Rights Commission of the Maldives

Press Release: PR - 022/2015

Published on 28-11-2015

The Human Rights Commission of the Maldives is deeply concerned about the fact that the children are being subjected to harm, both physical and psychological, in the recent political rallies held in the Maldives.

Article 35 of the Constitution of the Maldives, stipulates that children and young people shall not be harmed and shall be free from unsuited social and economic exploitation. In addition, Article 16 and 25 of the Law on the Protection of the Rights of Children 9/91 also states that, particular attention shall be given to prevent acts detrimental to the integrity of children. Parents involving their children in protests, which at times have the possibility of becoming violent, are unwittingly presenting them to harm. Hence this commission strongly condemns any and all such acts.

As the Constitution and the Law Protecting the Rights of Children prohibit exploitation of children, the commission calls on parents, political parties and all Maldivian citizens to stop the involvement of children and young people in political activities.

The Commission further calls on all authorities to ensure that relevant steps are taken and enforced to guarantee that the rights of children are protected and safeguarded.