Human Rights Commission of the Maldives

Press Release PR - 016/2012

Published on 12-04-2012

This Commission recognizes and applauds the passing of the Domestic Violence Prevention Bill from the People’s Majlis. The Commission sees this as an important step towards protecting and promoting women’s rights. We would like to thank the honorable members of the Majlis and the committee that deliberated the bill for accepting the Commission’s comments in the Committee Stage.

Various forms of violence against women are degrading to their dignity and honor, and it is poses serious challenges to women’s progress and development. The Commission believes that getting protection against such inhumane and degrading acts within the legal framework, and the perpetrators of these crimes receiving rightful punishment will ensure justice and rights for women. Therefore, in order to protect everyone in the society from domestic violence, one of the biggest problems faced by women in Maldives, we call on to ratify this bill at earliest convenience