Human Rights Commission of the Maldives

Press Release: PR - 009/2018

Published on 24-09-2018

The Commission actively participated in the observation of the Presidential Election held on 23rd September 2018, in order to ensure that the election complied with the Constitution of Maldives, its laws, regulations and the international conventions to which the Maldives is party to. The observations were carried out to ensure that the Presidential Election was conducted in an environment that was free and fair, and that the right to vote was fully warranted to the public. Towards this, the Commission observed the voting and counting process at 15 ballot stations across the nation.

The Commission acknowledges that no event took place against the laws and regulations and that the right to vote was guaranteed to all eligible voters Furthermore, it is positively received that this election had a large voter turnout. However, the Commission recommends revision of administrative procedures, which caused delays in the voting process, resulting in long queues.

The Commission congratulates the voters for their patience and peaceful conduct during the election process and urges the public to uphold such unity and patriotism in future elections.

In this regard, the Commission concludes that the Presidential Election held on 23rd September 2018 was conducted free and fairly.