Human Rights Commission of the Maldives

APF follows up on HRCM Capacity Assessment 2009

Published on 08-07-2018

The Asia Pacific Forum in collaboration with United Nations Development Program (UNDP) regional office conducted a follow up of the Capacity Assessment carried out in 2009 of the HRCM.

The Follow up Assessment was conducted from 18 -21 June 2018 was a follow up of the Capacity Assessment conducted for HRCM in 2009. This is a forward-looking process that identifies both the current capacities of the National Human Rights Institution (NHRI) and those that need to be developed or strengthened over the following five-year period.

In this Process of the assessment the consultants Mr. Chris Sidoti from APF and Mr. Nick Booth from UNDP met with the HRCM’s Members, head of departments and its key stakeholders; UNDP, Ministry of Gender and Family, The Attorney General’s Office, Maldives Police Service (MPS), Prosecutor General’s Office, Maldives Correctional Services (MCS), Ministry of Home Affairs and NGOs.

The Capacity Assessment Project is an APF initiative to build strong and effective National Human Rights Institutions.