Human Rights Commission of the Maldives

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2012 HRCM Audit Report

Other Reports & Documents

Information Collected from Councils – Covid19 Pandemic – 1-7 May 202018-05-2020
A brief summary of the works undertaken by the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives from 11th March to 3rd May 2020 regarding to COVID19 pandemic09-05-2020
Summary Report – Information Collected to Monitor the Human Rights Situation as a result of Covid-19 Pandemic07-05-2020
HRCM's Shadow Report to CEDAW Committee 201518-01-2015
Submission from Human Rights Commission of the Maldives on Issues of Concern for the combined second and third periodic report of the Republic of Maldives under the United Nations Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) Committee presessional working group meeting10-07-2014
Presidential Election 2013 Updates20-10-2013
2012 HRCM Audit Report19-03-2013
Field Observations 22th February 201323-02-2013
Field Observations 21th February 201322-02-2013
Field Observations 20th February 201321-02-2013
Field Observations 19th February 201320-02-2013
Field Observations 18th and 19th February 201319-02-2013
Ibrahim Afzal Death Report20-11-2011
Human Rights Day 2010 Supplement10-12-2010
Inaugral Speech by UNICEF Representative a.i.MR.J.BMendis for the National Consultation06-10-2010
Investigation Report on Lale Youth International School 06-07-2010
Statement at the Commonwealth Media Development Workshop Holiday Inn, Male’16-06-2010
Statement by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ms. Navi Pillay: On International Women’s Day11-03-2010
Information Note from the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights: On International Women’s Day11-03-2010
Open letter sent to relevant state authorities and political parties regarding the situation of human rights in the Maldives21-02-2010
Human Rights Day 2009 Supplement (Dhivehi)10-12-2009
Human Rights Day 2009 Supplement (English)10-12-2009
Report on ETCC29-10-2009
14th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Forum(Eng)05-08-2009
Report on Feydhoofinolhu Low Risk Jail11-06-2009
Report on Drug Rehabilitation Center01-06-2009
Maafushi Jail Inspection Report24-05-2009
Report on Male' Immigration Detention Center08-03-2009
Report on Maafushi Jail10-02-2009
Report based on its monitoring visit conducted to Kudakudhinge Hiya12-01-2009
Human Rights Day 2008 Supplement (Dhivehi)10-12-2008
Human Rights Day 2008 Supplement (English)10-12-2008
Housing Assessment Report23-10-2008
Hussain Solah Report12-06-2008
Investigation Report on Muaviyath Mahmood's Death03-06-2008