Human Rights Commission of the Maldives

Press Release PR - 013/2012

Published on 10-03-2012

The Commission is very concerned over the recent incidents in this country, where neglect in giving the special protection and assistance to Children have caused them harm in many ways, exposed them to danger and have led to increased number of situations in which their innocent lives have been lost. We call upon everyone, especially their parents and guardians to be more vigilant in providing children with the special protection and assistance.

In addition to this, other things which can have a bad impact on children are taking place in the society in an increasing frequency. We must renounce such actions, and make it a social and individual responsibility of everyone to build and sustain a peaceful, safe and secure environment for children.

A secure environment is when the child is allowed to live a safe and dignified life. Since all children attend School to get an education and guidance; the School environment must be arrange in a way that is most beneficial for them. The reason for this is that having the opportunity to go and study in a safe environment free of fear is one of rights of Children.

A secure and safe environment for children can only be established if the whole society works together towards a common goal. Therefore, the Commission requests everyone, from family, parents, teachers, schools, offices, leaders, organizations and all the individuals of the society to work towards a common goal in a way which will achieve the ultimate objective of giving the best education and personal development to the children.

We call upon the state to recognize dangers and risk factors to children in the society strengthen the legal and administrative structure to solve these issues, implement that structure, and create awareness about these issues in the society and among authorities mandated to protect and educate children.