Human Rights Commission of the Maldives

Press Release PR - 011/2012

Published on 01-03-2012

In protesting against delivering the Presidential address at the first sitting of this year’s first session of the People’s Majlis as per Article 84 of the Constitution, some people exercised their right to freedom of assembly in a way that caused harm to several people, left four security officials seriously injured, and many other police officers suffering different degrees of injuries. The commission condemns this act and requests not to repeat such acts and to make protests and rallies peaceful and nonviolent events.

It is very important to have a modern democratic environment where the freedoms and rights of citizens are protected in accordance to Islamic principles, and the Constitution of the Republic of Maldives and Laws are obeyed and respect established in the Maldives. Therefore, in resolving the serious issues arising from the current political turmoil, it is important for everyone to prioritize dialogue, build trust, and allow the rights of citizens to be protected.

We must know that what happened today in the Majlis cannot be accepted in a modern democratic environment, and that maintaining the dignity of the Majlis, its Speaker and members is very important in a human rights perspective and in terms of upholding the law. Therefore it is important to give priority to security, peacefulness and dialogue in the future.

The Commission notes and commends the fact that security services, especially the police, were acting with patience and in accordance to the law today.

The Commission reiterates the concerns expressed over injuries to people and damages to property in charged environments like this, and call on to refrain from such act even today. The Commission is very concerned that the current hostile environment in the country is having a bad impact on rights of the inhabitants of Male’ City who are living in constant fear, especially Children and numerous people who are not involved in this in anyway. We call upon everyone not to allow this and to work towards establishing a peaceful, safe environment.