Human Rights Commission of the Maldives

Press Release PR - 014/2012

Published on 21-03-2012

The protests that took place today against the delivery of Presidential address at the first sitting of this year’s first session of the People’s Majlis turning violent, left several people injured, damaged public property and places; and the Police and Military officials involved in maintaining security with regard to these protest sustained varying levels of injury. Confrontations while making arrests caused injury to the arrestees and the security officials making the arrests. The Commission condemns all such actions and requests everyone to make use of the rights to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly in a responsible, peaceful manner in accordance to the laws and regulations, and in a way that would not lead to violence. The Commission calls upon everyone to refrain from using profane language and speech that could lead to hate and enmity in such gatherings.

The Commission notes that the security services, in carry out their legal obligations, acted with patience and in accordance to the law. We strongly condemn the vandalism of VTV property by some protestors. And we call upon everyone not to obstruct the freedom of media and put them in fear.

Considering what happened in the People’s Majlis today is unacceptable, we call upon everyone to prioritize dialogue; work peacefully, in compliance with democratic principles to solve issues in the best interest of the people, in order to save the country from current political upheaval and the fear it has caused.