Human Rights Commission of the Maldives

HRCM Conducts Seminar for Human Rights Focal Points

Published on 11-03-2010

Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) has held a seminar for the human rights focal points appointed to the Ministries, with the objective of creating awareness on the Human Rights Commission Act, including the mandate and responsibilities of HRCM. The seminar which was held at the Commission this afternoon was inaugurated by the President of HRCM, Ahmed Saleem.

In his inaugural speech, Saleem highlighted the importance of having human rights focal points in the government institutions and highlighted their important role in promoting human rights and in assisting the HRCM. Citing example from cases of human rights violations, Saleem stressed that mutual cooperation and interventions from government focal points could minimize such incidents and contribute to human rights protection.

After Saleem’s remarks, the Attorney General, Husnu Suood gave a presentation on the Human Rights Commission Act. Suood, who was a member of the first Human Rights Commission, noted that the responsibility of protecting human rights in the Maldives is not exclusively reserved for the HRCM, but is a general responsibility of all concerned authorities. He also spoke of the relevance of the HRCM in the new democratic environment.

Following the Attorney General’s presentation was HRCM Secretary General Ahmed Shahid’s presentation on the responsibilities and duties of the HRCM and how human rights mainstreaming can be carried out. Participants noted some important points that should be considered in working to achieve this objective.

The main objective of this seminar was to create awareness among the human rights focal points about the Human Rights Commission Act and the work of HRCM. Another objective was to plan collaborative methods by which human rights can be mainstreamed in the day to day work of the relevant ministries. Out of the fifteen human rights focal points appointed by the government, nine took part in this seminar.