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Statement given by Commissioner Moomina Waheed at the Informal Remote Public Meeting with the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)10-18-2021
Press Release: PR - 021/202012-18-2020
Press Release: PR - 018/202012-02-2020
Press Release: PR - 017/202011-25-2020
Press Release: PR - 016/202011-19-2020
3rd Universal Periodic Review of Maldives - 36th UNHRC Session11-04-2020
HRCM participates in the International Symposium on Human Rights, held in Istanbul12-10-2018
HRCM participates in the International Seminar on Islamophobia, held in Istanbul10-18-2018
Press Release: PR - 009/20189-24-2018
Press Release: PR - 008/20189-22-2018
HRCM participates in the 23rd Annual General Meeting of Asia Pacific Forum, and the Conference on Equality in the Asia Pacific, held in Hong Kong9-20-2018
HRCM participates in the Special Session of 2018 GANHRI Working Group and in the 3rd ASEM conference on Global Ageing and Human Rights of Older Persons in Seoul9-06-2018
HRCM meets with Maldives Police Service and Ministry of Gender and Family7-19-2018
APF follows up on HRCM Capacity Assessment 20097-08-2018
HRCM meets with Ministry of Home Affairs, Maldives Correctional Service and Maldives Police Service7-04-2018
HRCM orients institutions on Maldives Human Rights Portal6-28-2018
HRCM participates in the SAIEVAC Pre-Technical Events in Thimpu5-13-2018
HRCM participates in the International Human Rights Conference in Kathmandu4-11-2018
HRCM meets with delegation from OHCHR2-22-2018
HRCM visits Dhoonidhoo Custodial2-22-2018